About Moi


Hello darlings and welcome to Rubin-hood! This raspberry-tinted virtual shrine chronicles the inspirations, adventures and passionate convictions of a tiara-loving zen wanna-be running wild in DC (aka.Moi!).

Who am I?

So glad you asked!

Social media magic maker by day, fashion-forward yogini by night, I heart writing and wine, social media and sparkles, business and booty shaking, personal development and all things pink! I believe in embracing my feminine flair with oodles of optimism, kick ass kindness and awesome authenticity. My posts are packed with soulful self-help gems, mood-driven musings, and inspiring imagery.

It is my deepest desire that what you read here in some way empowers you to be the savvy, successful, stylish and spiritual girl-power goddess (or God) you were born to be. And be warned…and I get smidge alliteration-happy from time to time ;)

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