Monday, November 15, 2010

My new favorite way to workout!

Quick Quiz:


What do you get when you combine a roomful of women in spandex, loud speakers blasting Far East Movement’s “Like a G6”, and an extremely toned woman dressed as Lady Gaga ordering you to clench and unclench as you perform sun salutations?


A hip-hop yoga class on Halloween, duh!

A few weeks ago, while visiting Boston to attend my cousin’s wedding (congrats Joanna and David, you are adorable!), a close girlfriend and I experienced this playful and expressive form of yoga together for the first time, and loved it!

So if you’ve ever found yourself getting bored in a traditional yoga class, or your two left feet leave you in fear of enrolling in a traditional dance class, give Hip Hop yoga a go, and be prepared to sweat!

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  1. you'll always be my yoga buddy bex! and i love this blog. such good vibes :)