Sunday, January 30, 2011

Channel your inner creative goddess and make a collage!

I’ll be the first to admit my complete and utter lack of artistic talent. I can’t draw to save my life, fraternity paint parties are as close as I’ll ever get to becoming the next Picasso, and the last time I tried to sew a button, I almost severed a finger (I kid you not). A while back I even engaged in a brief fling with a pottery wheel, only to come to the unfortunate conclusion that I value manicure preservation above clay formation any day! But despite these innate creative shortcomings, ever since I could hold a pair of scissors, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the art of collaging. For some reason cutting up a bunch of beautiful images and arranging them in a unique way just gets me hot and bothered (No, not in that way. PERV!).

I regularly gather stacks of fashion and travel magazines, blast some quality tunes, and plop myself down on my bedroom floor with a pair of scissors. Before I know it, hours have flown by and I’m still cutting and pasting away like a mad woman!

Though my collaging ritual began as just a fun way to pass an afternoon, it has morphed into an integral part of my goal setting routine. I’ll start by imagining something I want to attract into my life, ranging from vague notions of inner peace to finding a new boyfriend (Yes, I’ve successfully made a romance collage, yes I ended up giving it to the person, despite persistent warnings from well meaning friends to “let the freak out in doses”, and yes it worked out—we ended up dating for a year and remain close friends!). I never quite know what the finished product will look like when I start, but that’s almost half the fun!

To you closeted artists/New Age skeptics who’re thinking, “Just get it over with already and set sail on an astrology cruise with your fellow crystal collecting, Feng Shui loving weirdoes!” All I have to say is 1) that sounds like a lot of fun and 2) don’t knock it till you try it!

But in all seriousness, even if you’re a disbelieving, die-hard devotee of the scientific method, who wouldn’t be caught dead reading The Secret, never fear! You need not subscribe to the church of “Woo Woo” to enjoy a good afternoon romp with a pair of scissors and some glue! Who knows? You might just create something you love and treasure, make an unforgettable gift for a close friend, or channel your soul mate! No artistic ability necessary, promise!

PS. Since I’ve had career/professional development on the brain lately, I recently created the collage below to represent my dream job!

Until next time…


  1. I love hearing about your decadent collaging afternoons! It really is such a fantastic way to let out creative spirit, channel new ideas, and find direction for the future! Judging by your career/professional collage -- you by no means have a lack of artistic talent!!

    Keep up your blogging, your posts are always so fun and sassy.