Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Girl Commandments!

Photo: Oliver Schwarzwald

Photo: Beautiful Things to Share

This weekend I mark my 23rd year on this planet. In celebration I’ve created the, “Birthday Girl Commandments” which I will now share with you here. They are as follows…

1. Thou shall sparkle. Whether you rock a Gaga-esq full-sequin ensemble (as I plan to) or just a touch of shimmery eye shadow, every birthday girl should shine.

2. Thou shall imbibe (ever so gracefully of course...).

3. Thou shall eat before said imbibing (to ensure aforementioned grace).

4. Thou shall reserve the right to inform anyone and everyone you come into contact with that it is, in fact, your birthday (this particularly includes waiters, bartenders, and attractive male passerby)! Contrary to popular perception, this is not obnoxious, you’re just spreading the birthday cheer! :)

5. Thou shall introspect (at least a little bit). You’re another year older and (hopefully) wiser. Reflect about your favorite memories from the previous year. What was fun? What was challenging? What was unexpected? Sit down and take stock of where you are and where you want to go. Which brings me to…

6. Thou shall reserve the right to feel blissfully happy…or not! It’s your party, you can cry if you want to! But in all seriousness, birthdays can bring up mixed emotions for people. It’s important to notice what comes up for you on this very special day. And let yourself feel it, no judgment.

7. Thou shall surround yourself with fabulous friends (no explanation needed).

8. Thou shall reserve the right to not be sung to. I’m told that for some people, having a roomful of strangers stare at you as they drunkenly “sing” Happy Birthday is less than pleasant. If that’s the case, stand your ground darlin! (Attention whore that I am I actually look forward to this annual tradition!)

9. Thou shall charge thy camera in order to ensure prompt posting of all the previous night’s adventures on Facebook (I mean, if it's not on Facebook, did it even happen?)

10. Thou shall take a moment to acknowledge the strong, smart, beautiful, powerful, and amazingly fabulous woman you are becoming!

Make magic happen next year ;)


  1. Love this list! Happy Birthday, hope you do something fantastic to celebrate!