Monday, March 21, 2011

Disheveled Chic (or how to be trendy without looking like you fell out of a Gucci trash can!)

Photo: The Electric

Want to add a dose of grunge to your wardrobe but fear looking more frumpy than fabulous? I'm right there with you! While I'd in no way classify myself as a hipster, I've begun to lust after that increasingly popular "messed up" look (which I've dubbed, "Disheveled Chic"). Through trial (and lots of error!) I've picked up a few tips in my quest toward disheveled-chicdome which I will now share with you..

1. Select a Disheveled-Chic style icon (ideally someone who's body type resembles yours). Look at photos of them and notice what elements of their outfits appeal to you. Then slowly begin to incorporate them more in your day to day style. My personal disheveled-chic style icons include The Olsen Twins, Sienna Miller, Blake Lively, and Johnny Depp (yes, fashion inspiration can absolutely be derived from dudes!).

2. Go a little crazy when it comes to jewelry. Mix colorful bangles, leather cuff bracelets, and large cocktail rings to create your own unique blend and resist the urge to match! Over-coordination is the antithesis of the disheveled-chic chick!

3. Invest in one overpriced “It Girl” bag and wear it frequently to achieve that oh so perfectly scuffed look. (Check out E-bay for great deals!)

4. Don a pair of large dark sunglasses to add an element of old Hollywood glamor (you want to be a classy mess obviously!).

5. Think contrast when applying makeup and focus on one feature (ie. ruby red lips or smokey eyes with an otherwise bare face).

6. Combine multiple textures. The disheveled chic fashionista is known for paring a leather bag with a fur vest, suede boots, and slightly ripped jeans. Again, think contrast!

7. When it comes to hair, less is more (so lose the flat iron and wear your tresses down in natural waves or thrown up in a messy bun).

8. Borrow pieces from your boyfriend/brother/guy friends (particularly oxfords and blazers). Just be sure to pair baggier pieces with more feminine fitted items to achieve a sense of balance).

9. Develop an adventurous attitude and willingness to take risks! Personal style should be a fun and ever-evolving process!

Bon chance, you glamorous mess, you!

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