Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple morning pleasures...

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If your typical morning consists of repeatedly hitting the snooze button, a frantic search for your car keys (did you really leave them in the freezer again?), and a mad dash out the door (half a bagel and hairbrush in hand!), then it might be time for a little AM makeover. Why not...

Rise naturally with the sun. Sip green tea. Journal. Draw. Doodle. Set intentions for the day to come. Read something inspirational. Meditate. Hit the gym (and the sauna!). Listen to a guided meditation. Run. Do yoga. Listen to Lele's Breakfast (probs the funniest thing I've heard in months). Go for a walk outside. Take a long hot shower (or better yet, a bubble bath!). Pray. Stretch. Prepare yourself a delicious breakfast. Canoodle with someone you love. Read the newspaper in bed. Put on the most fabulous outfit you own (even if, or rather, especially if, it's just a normal day). Listen to your favorite music. Take a moment or two to stare out the window...

Before you know it you'll be sailing into work with such a slap happy grin on your face, no one will know what to do with you!


  1. Lovely, lovely post. I wake up with bad mood because I know I have to work on something I don't really like but this post gave me so much positive energy! I'm off for a nice long hot shower and then I'll wear something fabulous!

  2. I feel better already just reading this :) I would love to get to a place where I am disciplined enough to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier - morning yoga classes before work would be divine!


  3. Aww I'm so so glad the post put you in a better mood, that made my morning :) Hope you both are having fabulous days!!!

  4. Ahhh if only I could have a peaceful morning! Mine consisted of two snooze button hits, the sun blinding my eyes, and locking myself out of my dorm room...Yikes! Hopefully your post will be my weekend mornings, that sounds fantastic !