Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty Sushi, Strawberry Mountains and Chandeliers (aka my weekly love list)

Here's a little roundup of last week's fabulousness...

Digging in to amazing sushi (just looking at this makes me hungry)! If you are ever in Nashville you MUST visit Sushi Yobi and sample their Whiskey on The Rocks Roll like I did last week, it is the prettiest yummiest sushi experience you will ever have!

Devouring this MOUNTAIN of strawberries at my sister's graduation party was absolutely was the Champagne that accompanied it!

Reuniting with my mom and sister always makes me smile :)

DC Botanical Gardens
Visiting the beautiful DC Botanical Gardens was lovely, highly recommend!

The W Hotel in DC
Rooftop bars + cool chandeliers = bliss! I absolutely can't get enough of The W Hotel in DC or the antler chandeliers they have hanging from the cool are these?!

Summer Heels
Last but not least, I love slipping on your hot new summer heels for the first time...and then having everyone make fun of you as you walk back to your car barefoot, aforementioned torture devices slung over one shoulder...on a dirty city sidewalk...I truly am a hippie in high heels!

What did you love this week?


  1. Those strawberries look delicious!

  2. That strawberry mountain is awesome! - Such a great idea for a party or shower :)

    My week was unfortunately filled with work and class... although Jurgen and I went out to dinner last night and ploughed through 2 bottles of wine... it was awesome haha!