Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Character Inspiration: The Altruistic and Ultra Chic Bonnie of The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie Bennett - Katerina Graham - Vampire Diaries
Photo: The CW

Ever since the season finale of the greatest show on earth (The CW's The Vampire Diaries, obviously) I've been seriously missing my weekly dose of teen vamp drama! Following in the tradition of previous character/style inspiration posts on leading ladies, Caroline and Katherine, I will now showcase the ultra-chic witch-in-the-making, Bonnie Bennett (played by Katerina Graham).

After discovering that she is part of a long line of powerful female witches early in season 1, much of Bonnie's plot line revolves around growing in confidence as she learns to harness her intuition and magical powers in the fight against evil vampires. In addition to possessing an enviable mane of long curly locks, Bonnie's character has a powerful lesson to teach young women today: That when we believe in ourselves, trust our intuition, and channel our passion toward the greater good, we can make amazing things happen. So whether your personal blend of magic involves fighting off the demons of the night (as your ever so perfectly tousled hair blows in the breeze), or getting involved in a cause you feel strongly about, don't be afraid to cast your spell on the world and make magic happen!

OMG cannot wait until next season!


  1. Can't wait for next season too!!!

  2. By the end of this season, Bonnie became my favourite character (it used to be Caroline). She's so smart, compassionate, beautiful, passionate and charismatic!

    I can't wait for the next season too!