Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rompers, Roommates, and Making Fun of Hipsters (aka. Rebecca's weekly love list!)

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Things that made me smile this week...

* Making Polyvore collages...seriously fun and addictive!

* Enjoying the gloriously sunny three day was divine.

* Power shopping with my baby sister, and when I say power, I'm not messing around. We speed-walked (word?) through Montgomery Mall for over four hours on Saturday (Side note: met a former competitive speed walker at a bar recently and learned that speed walking is apparently an Olympic sport not getting the respect it deserves, who knew?!).

* Watching New Moon with my boyfriend (he got major brownie points!) and being so disturbed by anti feminist messages that I stayed up late last night reading articles on the subject. I particularly liked this one by Ms. Magazine. I feel somewhat perplexed now. Can I adore the Twilight series (and the whole vampire genre, for that matter)and still call myself a feminist? Thoughts?

* Drooling over the Clos-ette website. I am making a vow that my closet will one day look like one of these (aspirational organizers: proceed with caution. If Container Store is cocaine, Clos-ette is crack. I'm just saying.

* Lusting over this Tory Burch bangle bracelet. Tres magnifique!

* Finally succumbing to the romper trend with this little floral number. Perfect for a cool yet flirty summer BBQ look!

* Apartment hunting! After a year of living at home with my mom, I've decided to fly the nest and get a big girl apartment of my very own (Note: If you know of anyone fabulous looking for roommates in DC holler at me!)

* Making fun of hipsters. Tee hee.

* Strolling past lovely lavender-hued Hydrangeas on my way to work.

* Feeling very lucky I have a job I enjoy. Anyone currently job searching, I feel for you. Remember, it's always good to laugh!

What made your week fabulous?

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