Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hot Pink Lipstick, Free Bagels and Night Swimming (aka. Rebecca's weekly love list)

Photo: The Blond Salad

Things I'm currently obsessed with...

*Rocking hot pink lipstick

*Art Journaling

*Sorting, organizing, and packing for my upcoming move…I’d forgotten just how satisfying de-cluttering can be!

*Checking out an art exhibit at the Irvine Contemporary Gallery last weekend

*Listening to Kimberly Wilson’s Tranquility Du Jour podcast on my drive to work.

*Personalizing my day planner (I wrote out/collaged my ideal schedule and added favorite quotes in the front to keep me feeling inspired).

*Munching on free bagels (like the ones waiting for me when I got to work this morning).

*Watching Real Housewives of NYC re-runs on the elliptical (the best season BY FAR).

*Late night swimming in my pool.

*Reading the second book of The Hunger Games series (SO GOOD).

*Celebrating my 6 month anniversary with my adorable beau :)

*Signing up for an introductory web design course this fall, yay for career advancement!

*Instagramming my life (I’m beyond obsessed…)

What made your week fabulous?

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