Saturday, August 27, 2011

How To Stay Entertained During a Hurricane

Photo: Pinterest

A few tips for making the most of this stormy weather....

*Stock up on necessities like a flashlight, batteries, wine & scented candles

*Make a hurricane mix CD

*Read the September issue of Vogue in bed

*Sip hot Coco

*Re-organize your closet

*Write snail mail to your closest gal pals

*Cuddle with your significant other/pet/unsuspecting roommate

*Hope that work/school/general adult obligations get cancelled on Monday

*Spend the day in your PJs

*Start baking cookies but end up just eating the batter (what are you supposed to do without power?)


*Begin a craft project

*Take pictures of the rain drops on your window

*Do Yoga

Happy Hurricane!


  1. Glad we all made it! I read way too many magazines on Saturday night ; )