Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend realaxation

The past weekend offered some MUCH-NEEDED relaxation. Highlights included...

* Teaching 3 yoga classes to my fabulous PALS ladies

* Running through my newly discovered neighborhood park (I basically just ogle all the cute puppies)

* FroYo date/stroll in the sunshine with one of my best girlfriends

* Indulging in a magenta manicure

* Stella & Dot trunk show where I snagged a few sparkly spring statement necklaces (wine + amazing jewelry + me post break up = serious damage!)

* Quality time with my roomies

* Restorative yoga class at Tranquil Space

* Reading, blogging, catching up on my favorite CW shows and playing on Pinterest all Sunday afternoon from the comfort of my bed :)

Hope your weekend was lovely and your Monday is off to an excellent start!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope the weather is DC was as gorgeous as it was here this past weekend. P.S. I think your next blog should be about your apartment, with plenty of pictures!

  2. Sounds you had a wonderful weekend!!! I love yoga & Pilates.