Monday, August 20, 2012

Lazy and Loving It

Lately I’ve been a slightly less motivated version of myself.  Normally, this would be cause for distress, but rather than resist this leisurely attitude, I’ve decided to run (or rather, slowly amble along) with it.  

I’m savoring lingering conversations on backyard patios, the lovely feeling of dipping my (tangerine pedicured) toes in my mom’s backyard pool, jogging through Merridian Hill Park as the sun sets over DC (while ogling all the cute puppies, of course), and taking a break from my blow dryer to let my hair return to its natural curly state.

While I’m all for goal setting, personal growth and productivity, sometimes kicking back and being (dare I say it) lazy can be a very good thing.  While I plan to ramp up my general level of activity come September, for now I plan to continue to take it easy, reflect on what’s next for me and be grateful for all that is wonderful about summer.  Care to join me?

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