Monday, November 19, 2012

Feeling more blah than blissful?

Why don’t you…

Sign up for a belly dancing class * Volunteer for an intriguing project at work that falls slightly outside of your job description * Check out a new art museum exhibit * Attend a networking event geared toward an industry that interests you * Ask someone with your dream job if you can take them to coffee and pick their brain * Browse through a section of your local bookstore you normally wouldn’t * Sip tea at a café and people watch * Follow the people you admire on Twitter * Watch some Ted Talks * Go on a hike and soak in all the natural beauty surrounding you * Cook a new recipe * Get a massage * Paint one wall of your bedroom a crazy color * Plan a vacation * Take a short story writing class * Play with little kids * carry a small notepad with you everywhere you go to keep track of your ideas * Write down your dreams * By fresh flowers for your desk * Attend an open mic night * Bedazzle something

1 comment:

  1. Love this post! Definitely the best way to go from blah -> blissful... Bedazzle something :) I need to find a bedazzler!