Thursday, October 7, 2010

HOW TO Look Like A Million Bucks Without Breaking the Bank: A Roundup of The Best In High End Retail Online

While some might call my passion for fashion a shameless example of American over consumption, I prefer to think of it as community service for the economy (In marketing, we’re all about positive spin). Part burgeoning techie, part Vogue devotee; I’ve accumulated my fair share of E-shopping know how over the years. And I’ve decided, oh lucky readers (crossing my fingers more than one of you exists), to impart my wisdom to you. So whether you’re a certified shopaholic, thirsty for new ways fashion and the Internet merge, or simply want to placate your significant-other/mother/employer with the least amount of effort possible (I don’t understand you but would like to help you), read on for my take on the 4 best ways to shop, 21st century style!

Like a good cocktail, is fun, cheeky, and at times sickly sweet. But don’t let the bubblegum interface and cringe-worthy slogan, “Ooh LaLa, RuLaLa!” fool you. Steep daily sales on over 350 luxury brands add kick and substance to this savvy shopper staple. The free site is invite only, but thanks to a recent partnership with, subscribers of the magazine are also granted access. If you have a high tolerance for all things “chick-ified”, you may have just found your new best friend…

Want to look like you make six figures while scraping by on student loans? Meet your fairy godmother, Shoppers can lease designer ensembles at 90% off retail prices. Selections are delivered (in 2 sizes!) within a few business days and come with pre-paid mailing boxes to send back the clothing post-wear. So get ready for the ball, Cinderella, and start following the Rent The Runway slogan: “Love. Wear. Return.” Just don’t misplace that (Gucci) glass slipper!

Love looking fabulous but loathe the effort involved? The lazy (*ahem* busy) will appreciate how Shop It To Me simplifies the act of buying clothes. Customers fill out a personal profile (listing favorite designers, preferences, and sizes) and Shop It To Me scours the Web to find individualized items, sending regular e-mal alerts (called SaleMail) featuring markdowns, secret promotion codes and VIP sales events. The phrase “shop till you drop” will cease to have meaning once you experience the ease that comes from using Shop it To Me.

For those poor souls who wish to strip the shopping process of all creativity and effort (I tease, I tease), there’s Trunk Club. A Skype-based fashion consulting and personal shopping service, Trunk Club assigns each new customer to a personal stylist. The pair begins by chatting on Skype about the client’s lifestyle, profession, and individual preferences. Trunk Club then sends a capsule wardrobe, which the shopper tries on (in the comfort of his or her home) while the consultant makes notes and selects what works best.

I hope I’ve convinced you–being well dressed has never been this easy (or fun!) thanks to a whole host of innovative online shopping websites. The days of clicking aimlessly through pages of overpriced items are over. What are you waiting for? Jump on the E-shopping bandwagon today, and indulge in a little retail therapy–a whole new you is just a click away!

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