Thursday, April 7, 2011

Feeling Springy?

Yay spring is here :) As you revel in the extra hour of light, why not...

* Throw on some brightly colored rain boots (and make a splash during April showers!)

* Exercise outside. Endorphins + fresh spring air = instant feel-goodness

* Plan a picnic somewhere pretty. Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, munchies (cheese, crackers, & fruit), iPod speakers, and a group of fun people and prepare to enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the sun

* Spring clean your closet (and be sure to display your sundresses front and center!)

* Plan a weekend getaway

* Read up on Mercury Retrograde (non-astrology nuts feel free to skip this one!)

* Make a spring-themed mix CD

* Find a new signature fragrance (floral scents are great this season)

* Develop your green thumb. Plant an herb garden or (if that sounds a tad labor intensive) place a pretty potted plant or an orchid on your windowsill

* Try out a new hairstyle (but always think twice before chopping it all of or dying it a crazy color on a whim!). Take it from someone who has suffered the repercussions of what I like to call "mood hair" and don't make any rash decisions (but if you still want a magenta pixi cut after a month, more power to you!)

* Break out the bike and go for a ride

* Run in a charity race

* Check out a farmers market (and don't forget your reusable grocery tote :) Yay being green!)

* Pick up a new hobby (I just started an art journal!)

* Blow bubbles (they're not just for kids AND apparently come in edible varieties, who knew?!)

* Commit to either being barefoot or wearing really cute high-heeled espadrilles for the next month (except of course during aforementioned April splashing, outdoor workouts, charity racing, and bike rides. Gosh you're gonna be busy!)



  1. So jealous that you guys are getting Spring while it's starting to turn freezing here! Although winter boots and hot chocolate does sound sorta nice :)


  2. Rebecca I just discovered your adorable blog! New follower! And I'm so glad you liked my post about being still before God, you are so sweet! Your spring suggestions are inspiring! I'm ready for sunshine and sundresses.