Thursday, December 22, 2011

Book Review:The Everygirl's Guide to Life

Recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Maria Menounos's, The Every Girl's Guide To Life. As the youngest person to ever host Entertainment Tonight at age 22, Maria was among the youngest to host the Today show and to report for NBC's Nightly News, and the first person to act and star in movies while doing so. She's a great inspiration to young women looking to leaad successful careers while maintaining balance and looking great (especially when time and money are in short supply)

The biggest lesson I took from this book was the importance staying organized, which Maria believes is the true key to happiness. She talks about how laziness in life usually leads to last-minute scrambling and writes, "lazy people work the hardest". Seems counter intuitive at first but actually makes total sense when you think about it. Since overcoming tendencies toward messiness and procrastination (particularly on mundane To-Do's and household chores) is something I'm working on, this really hit home for me. Inspired by Mariah's advice, I did a thorough clean out of my desk and closet and really did feel much better. Hope this new (slightly more meticulous) me lasts!


  1. "lazy people work the hardest" I like this a lot. It'll be my new mantra I think :) Thanks for the book recommendation.

    Wishing you extra fabulous Christmas holiday. Take care and enjoy every minute of it x

  2. I'm reading this book right now- got it for Christmas. Love your review of it. Hope you're doing well dear!